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Next Dominion Empowerment Worship & Training Center Inc. is looking for ministry volunteers to operate in their personal spiritual giftings/callings for the purpose of glorifying God, to edify the saints, and to help in the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in the earth. These positions are currently volunteer only however, some positions may become compensable in the future.

(Some positions will require background checks. Past history may not necessarily exclude a person from serving in a particular capacity.)


This is a vital portion of the ministry as it demonstrates the redemptive qualities of Christ and his purpose for the souls of men to be saved. Volunteers in this area should demonstrate a life of Godliness, prayer, intercession, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's leading and voice. A prophetic anointing is a definite plus yet the love for souls and their healing is even more necessary.

Worship Leaders

This position incorporates the aspect of singing and worshipping in song. Volunteers should have the ability to manage people in groups, have the ability to sing and to lead people into the presence of God via various gospel, contemporary Christian song types, and generations of songs. They must be sensitive to the voice and leading of the Holy Spirit. Having the ability to minister vocally in the prophetic is a plus.


This position involves the music ministry. Volunteers should demonstrate various skilled abilities or may have a singular instrumental skill. They should demonstrate characteristics of professionalism, humility, be able to hear from heaven, and also demonstrate the ability to follow as a team member as well as lead. These positions are significant and vital to the ministry.

Community Care Pastors

This area of ministry is commonly known as outreach. It encompasses various areas of servanthood in the community. Volunteers for this area should possess a compassionate heart towards those in the community, especially the less fortunate. They should have good communication skills. Psychological, political, social civics, or law enforcement background is a plus.

Ministry In Motion Praise

Commonly known as praise dancing, this ministry has the ability to heal, make free, and deliver those that experience it. It incorporates flags, banners, and expressive adoration towards God along with the other areas of expression. This has the ability to break yokes of bondage. It's not for entertaining but is an energetic prophetic declaration. Volunteers who show interest and are assigned to this area shall be dedicated, willing to give themselves over to prayer, and discipleship to the word of God.

Gifts of Administrations

Persons with an ability to administrate and function in church /business setting with oversite of assigned departments which may include but not limited to ministries, finance, etc. This position may require a national background check.

Youth Pastors

These persons must demonstrate kindness, love, and patience for children. They must be willing to teach the children the things of Christ. This position MUST undergo a background check to ensure child safety.

Ministry Techs

This ministry has many faces and encompasses all areas as it pertains to hospitality and guest services. This volunteer position should demonstrate the ability to show love for God's people, must be friendly, courteous, and inviting with a willingness to serve. The person should enjoy public contact. The Ministry Tech position will include but not limited to parking lot greeters, door personnel, ushers, guides, restroom stewards, ministry info desk persons, and coat check personnel. This also is a vital part of the ministry as this personnel is often "first contact" and should present a stellar image of God, themselves, the ministry, and leadership. These persons should have a good sense of discernment and have a life of prayer. (Gatekeepers)

Arts & Theater Leaders

Volunteers in this area will be able to demonstrate Christ and the kingdom of God through the gift of the arts...such as acting, canvas art, and sculpting. These persons will interact closely with the departments of praise and worship singers and dance ministry.

Market Place Ministers

Volunteers for this area work within the community and understand the need for Christ to be presented to the business arena of influence. They demonstrate skillful handling of biblical principles in the market and beyond the walled church.

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