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Lawrence E. Simpson Sr. is a native of Gary, Indiana. He was born and raised by a single mother and maternal grandparents. He's an alumni of Gary West Side High class of 1980. Lawrence is the Husband of Palmyra Dagen-Simpson, a preacher's kid of 32+ years. They have 4 adult children and 8 grandchildren (1 deceased). Although he was introduced to Christ at a young age, he did not accept his personal responsibility to form a relationship with Christ until he was 16. It was then that he realized that there had always been a loving and graceful call by God for relationship. As time went on, he decided to stay away from the church and like the prodigal son, went about his own way. However, The Lord, rich in mercy, and sovereign in His Grace and Love always seemed to

 maintain a tug on him. "I can't tell you how many times that Jesus protected, preserved and saved my life through gunfights on the police department, riots and prison fights, alcoholism and a multitude of sin and shame." One day, in 2002, while drinking a beer and planning to go on a "party trip," The Lord spoke to Lawrence as he was flipping through tv channels. He said, "I am going to give YOU a new beginning!" He replied to God's voice by saying "ok, I hear you." The Lord spoke again a little more forceful and said, "I don't think you heard me, I said I am going to give YOU A NEW BEGINNING!" At that exact moment, his remote landed on a tv station that had 24 hr. Christian programming and a pastor introduced himself and his wife as the leaders of a ministry named NEW BEGINNING MINISTRIES INT'L. Talk about an attention-getter! Lawrence then asked the Father what he wanted him to do and God told him to go see the leaders of that ministry. Lawrence and his wife walked into the service and Pastor Tyson in mid sentence turned and looked at him and said,  "Young man," Lawrence looked around as if he were talking to someone else. "Yes, you in the black suit that just walked in.....come here!" Lawrence walked up to him and Pastor Tyson embraced him placing his hands on his head pulling him close enough to whisper these words:




AND WOW, WHAT A PLAN! In 2003, Lawrence began attending J. Laverne Tyson School of Ministry and then Adelphi Bible College on November 13th, 2003 along with his wife beside him, they started Reformation Ministries Family Worship Center Inc. July 31, 2005, Lawrence graduated from Adelphi Bible College and was ordained as a pastor. On November  11, 2011, Apostle Lawrence was affirmed and confirmed as an emerging voice and modern-day apostle in the Lord's church. 


Apostle Lawrence has an anointing to teach with a love for God's word, training up emerging leaders and lay members to embrace God's gift within, encouraging them to manifest the Kingdom purpose of Christ and share with others to know the love of Christ. 


My goal is to see individuals, families, communities, churches, systems, governments and nations transformed by the renewing of their minds and effectively affecting the world for our King!

Palmyra Dagen-Simpson, Lady Pal as she is affectionately called by those in ministry, was born in Chicago, Illinois to Peter C. and Rev. Myra K. Dagen and is an only child. As a preacher's kid, Lady Pal understood the importance of having a loving family at church and at home. She worked in law enforcement (Gary P.D.) where she met and married (33 yrs) Apostle Lawrence and worked as a Correctional Lieutenant. Lady Pal has a passion for wounded and abused women, marriages, family, and youth. She also has a knack for the tech and audio/visual ministry. She enjoys serving outside of the 4 walls and is a lover of outreach ministry, especially for the homeless, and hungry. She has a quiet calming spirit. Even though she says that the pulpit is not her arena of choice, she has been known to deliver a dynamic healing word as the Holy Spirit leads her. Lady Pal enjoys DIY projects and making, building, and refurbishing things. She often says, "It's a transferable gift to be also used to help rebuild God's people in LOVE."

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